Centacare is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for children and vulnerable adults.

We uphold the most stringent police checking as part of a suite of strategies and screening processes when recruiting skilled and dedicated staff. It is paramount that staff are alert to the absolute need for children to be safe within Centacare.

Over the past year, 29,000 South Australians received a service from Centacare. Sadly, more than one in five of those clients were children. This highlights the increasing child focus of the agency.

We have worked hard to ensure our practices and processes are well ahead of community expectations.

As part of this, all applicants are required to undergo child-related employment screening through the South Australian Government’s Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

This is part of our preventative approach towards the care and protection of the most vulnerable people in our community.

As an agency, we have always worked to provide appropriate and relevant training to our staff to allow them to carry out their work effectively. This is critical in the area of child protection.

We have partnered with child abuse consultancy, CACET Global, to deliver education and training designed to equip staff and volunteers who work with children to manage and appropriately respond to suspicions or disclosures of child abuse.

Key areas covered by CACET Global include: internet and online safety education, child protection policies and procedures, child abuse risk management strategies, cyber safety and cyber bullying prevention.

At Centacare, we believe for justice to be upheld, we must become compassionate voices in action for all. We strive for excellence in service delivery, leading to positive outcomes for our clients.

For more information visit the CACET website: http://www.cacetglobal.com.au/