You’ve been to antenatal class, set up the nursery and picked the name – but where’s the manual?

Welcome to Parenthood for Couples is a free 90-minute relationship education workshop aimed at preparing couples for parenthood and equipping new parents with skills to manage family life.

In a relaxed setting we will discuss:

  • Ways to develop shared expectations of parenting
  • Who will do what in caring for your baby and home
  • How to keep talking to each other when you are sleep deprived
  • Enjoyable ways to nurture your couple relationship

WHEN: Wednesday, October 17, from 7pm to 8.30pm

WHERE: Level 2, 45 Wakefield St, Adelaide

Please phone 8215 6700 for bookings.

Is your child pushing your buttons? Do you and your partner need to fine-tune your financial arrangements? Would you like to become better at problem-solving?
Our free parenting and relationship education courses have all bases covered.


Dealing with Change After Separation

A workshop for separated parents wanting to understand and manage the changes in their family.

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Share with others about what is different now that the family has changed
  • Learn about what your children need from you
  • Learn about communicating respectfully with the other parent
  • Identify what gets in the way of working together as parents
  • Develop strategies to deal with what gets in the way
  • Understand the developmental attachment needs of your children

WHERE: Centacare Murray Bridge, 6/2 Sturt Reserve Rd, Murray Bridge

WHEN: Selected Mondays from July to November, 10am to 1pm. Click HERE to view the schedule of times and dates.

Bookings essential. Please contact Centacare on 8215 6700 or email your details to:

This project is jointly funded by Centacare Catholic Family Services and Department of Social Services


What To Do When Kids Push Your Buttons

This workshop will assist parents/carers with:

  • Identifying triggers
  • Understanding what is behind their child’s behaviour
  • Learning how to defuse the behaviour
  • Developing behaviour management strategies

WHERE: Centacare, Level 2, 45 Wakefield St, Adelaide

WHEN: Tuesday, September 18, 10am to 12pm

*Bookings essential. Please contact Centacare on 8215 6700 or email your details to:

This project is jointly funded by Centacare Catholic Family Services and the Department of Social Services


Managing Money in a Relationship

A free relationship education 90-minute workshop. In a relaxed setting we will discuss:

  • Different attitudes to money/assets/debt
  • Developing common financial goals
  • Communication blockers
  • Planning for life stage transitions (including contingencies)
  • Practical options
  • Where to get more information

Disclaimer: This is not an investment, financial or budget advice session.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 7, from 7pm to 8.30pm

WHERE: Centacare, Level 2, 45 Wakefield St, Adelaide

Please phone 8215 6700 for bookings.


Intimacy and Romance

Intimacy is only possible in a relationship where both partners feel safe and valued by the other. In a relaxed and supportive setting, we will discuss ways you can be more attuned and connected to each other.

This is a free relationship education 90-minute workshop.

  • Do you feel like you and your partner have drifted apart?
  • Would you like to be more comfortable talking about your needs in your relationship?
  • Has intimacy become mundane?
  • Do you wish for a little bit more connection in your relationship?

WHEN:  Wednesday, October 31, from 7pm to 8.30pm

WHERE: Level 2, 45 Wakefield Street, Adelaide

Please phone 8215 6700 for bookings.


Problem Solving

Would you like to learn better skills to master the problems both internally and externally that arise in your relationship?

In this free 90-minute workshop, we will discuss the following ways to manage this area of healthy relationships in a safe setting:

  • You, me and the problem
  • Externalising and defining
  • Crafting a mutual solution

WHEN: Wednesday, October 17 October, from 7pm to 8.30pm

WHERE: Level 2, 45 Wakefield St, Adelaide

Phone 8215 6700 for bookings.


Your Relationship and Your Family

You, me and your family makes three!

Success in a relationship is reflected in the way we work as a team. This may involve how we connect with the families and friends of our partners.

In a relaxed, safe and professional setting this 90-minute workshop will explore:

  • Cultural, financial, religious and different expectations around roles
  • Rearing of children
  • How we include families and friends in our relationship when differences may need to be managed.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 10, from 7pm to 8.30pm

WHERE: Level 2, 45 Wakefield St, Adelaide

Please phone 8215 6700 for bookings.



Lena-Pearl is a proud Ngarrindjeri-Narungga woman. The mother-of-three is leading by her grandmother’s example as she nurtures her own children in a home filled with love.


One word sticks in Lena-Pearl’s mind when summing up the influence of her grandmother Natalie.

“Resilience – that’s what really stands out for me,” she says.

“My grandmother plays the big role in our family – and it’s about love. She’s the one that keeps us altogether.

“She has a lot of patience and wisdom, and she’s just got a caring heart.

“It’s those little things that form a great foundation in your life.”

Despite enduring so much grief and loss, Natalie has stood strong as the back-bone of Lena-Pearl’s family.

She credits her grandmother for the values she today instils in her 12-year-old daughter and young sons.

“Family is everything to my grandmother, and she has given me that same identity and connection.

“It’s that connection that brings a sense of warmth and nurturing, and the feeling of being surrounded by family is something that is very strong for myself and my children.

“There’re reasons why my grandmother is still here today. I wouldn’t be the parent/woman I am if it wasn’t for her and the love she provides.”

This year, NAIDOC Week is celebrating the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in our past, present and future.

For Lena-Pearl, the week is a time for the nation to come together as one, to not only reflect on our history and how it came about, but to celebrate it too – and with respect.

“It’s all about unity; there are so many more non-Aboriginal people who are understanding the past and the present.

“We can celebrate what we are achieving and where we are today in a positive light.”

An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Engagement Officer at headspace Port Adelaide, Lena-Pearl says she is most grateful for family and friends, especially her “sister girls”.

“Like my grandmother, they are a big influence in my life. We support each other by expressing our emotions, talking about real life issues; it doesn’t matter whether it’s about parenting, our jobs, relationships or family issues.

“I know I’m not alone because of the connection we have as Aboriginal people – I can always rely and lean on them to lift my spirit up.’’

Lena-Pearl says their friendship will forever be bound by the cultural background they share.

“My sister girls – Aboriginal women raised in different homes but on the same journey to overcoming our history’s adversity by breaking the cycle with the support of each other – and that’s what community is all about.’’

NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Kylie Degenhardt learnt early in life about the power of connection to culture – and what happens when it’s lost. Today she is sharing her family’s story as part of NAIDOC Week.



Kylie grew up watching her grandfather Robert search for his sister Rosa, after they were removed from their mother – on a bus – when he was aged just two.

“His mother Elma, my great-grandmother, was a Palawa woman from Tasmania,” says Kylie.

“She was pregnant with my grandfather when she stowed away on a boat because of the genocides that were happening at the time.’’

As Elma searched for her children in Adelaide years later, Robert began to trace Rosa. After 67 years apart, the siblings were finally reunited.

“Just to witness that pain on their faces and what it meant to have each other in their life after all those years of loss; it was emotional,’’ Kylie says.

Both died shortly after, within months of one another.

“Seeing each other, it was their peace.”

A Youth Support Worker at headspace Port Adelaide, Kylie draws on years of experience working with young Aboriginal people living homeless to address challenges such as mental health and reconnect them to culture.

“I guess that’s why I do this work. I was in residential care, for a long time, working with Aboriginal young people that had been removed from family.

“If it has to happen, it has to mean something, so I wanted to make sure the connections were still there with young people and culture, because we have lost so much connection and language.’’

Thoughts of Robert and Elma’s courage are a constant inspiration for the mother-of-two, along with the influence of her Auntie Susie and her sister, Vicki.

In NAIDOC Week, Kylie would like the wider community to think about culture and the agony that results when the connection is lost.

“People talk about culture, but as an Aboriginal person, you actually want to feel that; you live it every day, you breathe it.’’

This year’s NAIDOC theme `Because of her, we can!’ celebrates the essential role that women have played – and continue to play – as active and significant role models at the community, local, state and national levels.



Rosslyn Richards has been named Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artist of the Year.

The Centacare family practitioner is an accomplished artist and is well-known for her beautiful mosaics in the Murraylands.

Over the past year, Ros has contributed to the creation of local art works at Tinyeri Children’s Centre, Murray Bridge Community Library, and Murray Bridge South School, and entered several pieces in the Tailem Bend SALA Art Exhibition.

Recently, Ros dot painted a pelican – the totem of many Ngarrindjeri people – for the Centacare Expo.

Staff and guests completed the work by adding circles to depict watering holes and meeting places around the pelican.

“He’s our protector; he’s always flying around watching over us,” she says.

With Natasha Sumner, Ros uses art to teach children about her culture through our Po:lar Ka:ngkun Tainkuwalun Journey To Learning program.

Ros received the award as part of NAIDOC Week celebrations on Monday, which included the annual bridge walk and community event at Murray Bridge Council.

Congratulations on your NAIDOC Week award, Ros. We are super proud of you!

Read more about the awards HERE.


Natasha is a proud Ngarrindjeri woman and a Family Practitioner at Centacare. Through the Po:lar Ka:ngkun Tainkuwalun Journey to Learning program, she helps ready children for school. Reflecting on female role models in her life as part of NAIDOC Week celebrations, Natasha says her biggest inspirations are close to home.

The third eldest of seven children, Natasha spent her early childhood at Raukkan before her family moved to Adelaide, and later to Murray Bridge.

From a young age, she marvelled at her mother’s knack for running an efficient household.

“She had four boys and three girls, so we are a very big family.

“Mum used to amaze me how she’d do everything. The washing was always done and with seven kids, there was a lot!

“She has overcome a lot in her life and is very strong, and she is still very much the backbone of our family.’’

Natasha is still learning about her cultural roots and today turns to her eight-year-old daughter, Corina, for wisdom.

“I think my daughter knows more language than me because they are teaching it back to our kids now.

“It’s because of her that I work hard, continue to thrive and why I am the woman I am today. She might be young but she is very wise. She has a heart of gold and is passionate about her Ngarrdinjeri culture and her people.’’

Corina is named after Natasha’s older sister whom she also credits as a major influence in life, along with her young sister, Melissa.

“ They’ve both had a big impact on me and have always helped me out when I needed.’’

Natasha holds the memory of her two grandmothers, Hester and Grace, close to her heart.

“I think it’s amazing how they didn’t let the things that happened to them in their lives reflect on who they were as people.

“The majority of Aboriginal women are very, very strong.’’

Natasha hopes NAIDOC Week will encourage the wider community to think about the influence and contribution of all women in their lives.

“There are a lot of women making a difference that I find inspirational, and they’re not all Aboriginal.’’


Hit the water in the school holidays and go kayaking at Murray Bridge and Swanport.

Have fun on easy to use, sit on top double kayaks. All equipment supplied!

Just bring a hat, water, sunscreen and solid soled shoes (no thongs please).

Sit on top kayaks are wide and stable for beginners, and provide great fun for children.

The program is a Communities for Children Murraylands initiative.

Please phone Lyall at Centacare 8215 6320 to book your session. For more information, click HERE.

Find the fun at:

Murray Bridge @ Long Island

Monday, July 9

3pm – 5pm

Murray Bridge @ Sturts Reserve

Tuesday, July 10

2pm – 4pm

Swanport @ Swanport Reserve 

Wednesday, July 11

10am to 12 noon and 1pm to 3pm

For more information, click HERE.

Join us as we celebrate Naidoc Week from July 8-15 and the significant role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women play in our community.

Their achievements, voice and their unwavering passion give us strength and have empowered past generations, and paved the way for generations to come.

They are our mothers, our elders, our grandmothers, our aunties, our sisters and our daughters.

Because of her, we can!

Centacare Murray Bridge will be taking part in the fun. Find us at the following events:


Monday, July 9 @ 9.30am, Murray Bridge

Walk with us on Ngarrindkeri Ruwe! Meet on the East Side of the bridge, below the RSL building. For more information, contact Murray Bridge Council 8529 1139


Monday, July 9 @ 12.30pm.

Celebrate at Ninkowar, Wharf Rd, with live music, a BBQ lunch, face painting, children’s activities, games and more.


Tuesday, July 10 @ 10am, Murray Bridge Library 

Our Po:rlar Ka:ngkun Tainkuwalun – Journey to Learning team will be onsite with storytelling, colouring and other fun activities. Lunch supplied. For more information, phone Georgie Trevorrow at Murray Bridge Council 85391100.


Wednesday, July 11 @ 10AM, Murray Bridge Marketplace

Boomerang painting, weaving, face painting, jewellery-making and more. Morning tea provided. For more information, phone Murray Bridge Council 8529 1139.

To find out more about NAIDOC Week and get involved in celebrations near you, click HERE.




Five months ago we embarked on a visual journey to tell the story of Centacare.

We wanted to showcase our services through the eyes of staff on the frontline. What inspires them to support some of our most vulnerable and marginalised – often in the face of great adversity – and what have they learned from those they have met along the way?

The result is a 30-minute feature, directed and produced by Mackbel Films, which encapsulates Centacare’s core mission and values, the professionalism of staff, and the many ways we meet the complex challenges of those we support each day.

Launched this month at the Centacare Expo at Adelaide Oval, the film provides a glimpse of our history, and reinforces our commitment to continuously improve services and deliver quality supports and outcomes for clients. This is our story:

NEW resources outlining the rights of children and young people have been launched by Centacare.

The illustrated booklet and supporting short animation reinforce the importance of children having their voice heard and their rights valued.

Aimed at children aged up to 10 years, the resources follow the adventures of three characters – Patch, Pippy and Piper – as they explore their rights, such as their right to feel happy and safe, to understand their culture, and to ask for help when needed.

Learn about your rights with Patch, Pippy and Piper from Centacare on Vimeo.

“Children and young people we see may not have had an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills or confidence to voice their wishes or advocate for themselves,’’ said Leanne Haddad, Executive Manager of Children’s Services.

“We hope these resources will support them to learn that they do have rights, and that we will work with them in their best interests to value these rights.’’

The resources will be shared with families engaged with programs across Centacare services, especially the Children’s Services Unit.

“We hope they will also highlight to children and young people the significant role our multidisciplinary teams play in working with them and for them to see their rights are respected,’’ said Laura Hooper, Senior Family Preservation Worker.

“If children are aware of and understand their rights, they will feel more confident to speak up when they recognise something is wrong and their rights are not being met. Then we can work together towards positive change.’’

The fun and interactive materials will be distributed to children and young people and displayed prominently at Centacare sites. We offer a number of programs for families, children and young people, from parenting groups, to home visiting programs, family support services, targeted intervention, specialist dad supportfamily preservation, reunification programs and specialist foster care services.

Multidisciplinary teams work with the families to identify risks and target support to mitigate challenges impacting their capacity to parent.

Centacare champions the voice of the child and seeks to implement the Charter of Rights for Children and Young People in Care to the fullest potential.



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