Parents and children who are living apart often have to deal with the stress of the breakdown of the family as well as making difficult decisions about parenting, care arrangements and division of property.

Family Dispute Resolution provides mediation as an alternative way to resolving disputes and can avoid the financial and emotional costs of becoming involved in legal action.  Our accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners guide the process of discussion and facilitates those in dispute to reach their own agreements.

There are many advantages to attending family dispute resolution, including:

  • The opportunity to reach your own agreements
  • A cost effective way of resolving the issues in dispute (financially and emotionally)
  • A quicker process than court involvement
  • Confidentiality is protected
  • Determining parenting/care arrangements
  • Resolving disputes over property division.

With the exception of safety concerns and abuse against children, your confidentiality is protected as per the Family Law Act or other relevant legislation.  We are partly funded by the Federal Government, so a fee may be charged.  Please contact us regarding the cost of this service.

Program details

Who: Families requiring mediation to deal with issues of separation.

How: Contact the office nearest to you.

Where: This Service is available in Adelaide, Mount Gambier, Murray Bridge and Salisbury.

Contact: 45 Wakefield Street, Adelaide; phone (08) 8215 6700 or 1800 114 040, 13 Penola Road, Mount Gambier; phone (08) 8724 0500, 55 Adelaide Road, Murray Bridge; phone (08) 8215 6320, 33 Carey Street, Salisbury; phone (08) 8215 6700.


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