An important part of school life is the pastoral side – taking care of students, teachers and parents social and emotional well-being.

Our Children’s Counsellors work in partnership with Catholic Primary Schools to offer support and information to help students’ well-being.  Working respectfully and collaboratively with students, parents/caregivers and teachers, they can assist with issues such as anxiety and depression, social skills, grief and loss, family breakdown issues, relationships, violence or abuse.

This service protects the confidentiality and privacy of children, young people and their families, except where the student’s safety is of concern.

Program details

Who: Children in Catholic schools across South Australia.

How: As The School Counselling Program is provided as a service of the school, any student may request to see the children’s counsellor.  Students may also be referred to the counsellor by parents, principals and teachers.

Where: The service is based in Catholic schools across South Australia.

Contact: The team is located in the city offices of Centacare – 45 Wakefield Street, Adelaide and they can be reached on (08) 8215 6700 or by email at – please contact your school if you need assistance.


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